Program Overview

ARC Specialist Training and Certification Program

The ARC Specialist Training and Certification Program provides travel agents with training, an examination, and certification to become an ARC Specialist (AS). The AS is a travel agent who has demonstrated the knowledge of ARC's Area Settlement Plan (ASP) by passing a stringent training program followed by an examination. All travel agents who successfully pass the exam receive a certificate and the “ARC Specialist” designation.


While any travel agent who passes the AS examination is certified, the ARC Specialist Qualifier (ASQ) is a travel agent who has officially been designated by their agency's owner or officer as the "qualifier" to be responsible for the day-to-day ARC functions for their agency. The designation is dependent on ARC's approval.


The purpose of the certification program and a designated "qualifier" is to make certain that ARC accredited agencies have at least one (1) person on staff that is knowledgeable about ARC's operations and ARC's processing and settlement plan. This will ensure that each ARC accredited agency has the ability to maintain the day-to-day ARC functions, including ticketing, sales reporting and stock maintenance. In addition, it also provides the ARC accredited agency with someone who is familiar with the Agent Reporting Agreement (ARA).

All agency locations that would like to become or maintain an ARC accredited agency or maintain their accreditation status, must have an AS and an ASQ on staff.

Once a certification has been obtained, it is valid for as long as the AS maintains the certification through the annual continuing education process. For additional information about the ARC Specialist Training and Certification Program, please send an email to